What’s New in Workflow

Here’s what we’ve been working on.

Workflow 1.3

August 27, 2015 Ice Cream

New Actions (11)

Share with Transmit
Get Current IP Address
Get Network Details
Continue Workflow in App
Log Workout
Log Health Sample
Find Health Samples
Get Details of Health Samples
Calculate Statistics
Show in BlindSquare
Get My Workflows

Updated Actions

Add 2Do Task
Added the ability to include an action for the task.
Add Todoist Item
Added the ability to choose a reminder service (email, push notification, or text message).
Ask for Input
Improved usability on iPhone 4s.
Choose from Menu
Added the ability to provide a prompt to the top of the menu.
Image Actions
Added GIF support to Combine Images, Crop Image, Flip Image, Resize Image, and Rotate Image.
Edit Image
Now can output high-resolution images (previously the output was constrained to 1024 pixels).
Exit Workflow
Now works in the Action Extension.
Make PDF
Improved reliability of making PDFs from web pages in the Action Extension.
Post to Tumblr
Added the ability to publish a post as a draft, queued, or private.
Send Message via WhatsApp
Now additionally supports sending video and audio.
Take Photo
Added the ability to take a photo immediately without needing to tap the shutter.
Added support for tweeting videos.

More Improvements

Workflow 1.2.3

June 7, 2015 Hummus Sphere

Workflow 1.2.2

June 3, 2015 Energy Truffle

New Actions (7)

Add Todoist Item
Add Wunderlist Task
Get Instapaper Bookmarks
Get Pinboard Bookmarks
Add Clear List
Upload to Imgur
Base64 Encode

iPhone and iPad App Improvements

Watch App Improvements

Workflow 1.2.1

April 17, 2015 Toast

Workflow 1.2

April 14, 2015 Potato

New Actions (8)

Get Playlist
Generate QR Code
Get Name of Emoji
Post to Slack
Add Due Reminder
Add 2Do Task
Run Schemes Workflow
Continue on iPhone

More Improvements

Workflow 1.1.2

March 13, 2015 Bubble Tea

New Actions (5)

Translate Text
Get Tally
Update Tally
Add Task to The Hit List
Call via Skype

More Improvements

Workflow 1.1.1

February 27, 2015 Fruit Salad

New Actions (9)

Get Article from Web Page
Filter Articles
Get Details of Articles
Get RSS Feeds from Page
Get Time Between Dates
Send Message via Telegram
Search Giphy
Add to Overcast
Convert Image

More Improvements

Workflow 1.1

February 12, 2015 Soup

New Actions (54)

Add New Event
Add New Reminder
Add Reminder via Fantastical
Add to Instapaper
Add to Pinboard
Add to Pocket
Adjust Date
Change Case
Combine Images
Create Day One Entry
Create Folder in Dropbox
Add Clear Task
Crop Image
Delete Files from Dropbox
Expand URLs
Filter Event Attendees
Filter Files
Filter Images
Filter Locations
Find Calendar Events
Find Contacts
Find Music
Find Photos
Find Reminders
Generate Hash
Get Battery Level
Get Details of Calendar Events
Get Details of Contacts
Get Details of Event Attendees
Get Details of Files
Get Details of Images
Get Details of Locations
Get Details of Music
Get Details of Reminders
Get Distance
Get Items from Pocket
Make Video from GIF
Open in GoodReader
Post to Tumblr
Random Number
Record Audio
Remove Events
Remove Reminders
Round Number
Send Message via WhatsApp
Send Photo via WhatsApp
Show Definition
Show in Calendar
Show in Fantastical
Show in iTranslate
Transform Text with TextTool
Upload to CloudApp
URL Encode

Updated Actions

Now supports the modulus operator and scientific calculations.
Choose from List
Now shows an image picker when choosing from a list of images and can display a prompt message.
Edit Image
Now supports selecting a default tool and can be used in Action Extensions.
Encode Media
Now supports speed adjustment and exporting as MP3.
Format Date
Now supports formatting into RFC 2822, ISO 8601, or any arbitrary format.
Get Files from Dropbox
Now supports fetching entire folders of files.
Get Upcoming Events
Now supports retrieving events from a specific calendar.
Get Upcoming Reminders
Now supports retrieving events from a specific list.
Now supports checking whether the input is equal to, greater than, or less than a certain value.
Make GIF
Now supports creating animated GIFs from videos passed into the action.
Open App
Now supports opening a wider variety of apps, including with the Open In action.
Open URLs
Now supports opening multiple URLs at once in Safari and Google Chrome.
Resize Image
Now can maintain the original image aspect ratio by leaving either the width or height blank.
Save to Photo Album
Now supports saving to a specific photo album rather than just the Camera Roll.
Scan QR/Bar Code
Now supports tap-to-focus and camera flash settings.
Search Local Businesses
Now supports specifying a maximum distance from your current location to search for businesses.
Speak Text
Now can speak in different languages and at different pitches.
Take Photo
Now supports using the volume buttons to snap photos.
Wait to Return
Now waits until after a phone call or FaceTime call finishes before continuing.
Continues to do nothing.

Noteworthy Bug Fixes

Noteworthy Action Fixes